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Curiosity for a better world.

We are unleashing the creative potential within us all to positively impact our world.

The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out. Curiosity is our key to breakthrough creativity. It stretches your boundaries to successfully position your brand, introduce your new product, enter a market, optimize your channels and bond with your new customers.


Finding ideas with the greatest impact.

We are extremely curious. About you, your brand, your why, how, what, who, and when. About everything. Our model contains five steps that make the complex clear: Dream, Discover, Develop, Design & Do. That’s how we find the ideas with the greatest impact. We don’t settle for less.


Buckle your seatbelt.

Get ready for a topsy turvy ride. We hope you like roller coasters, because we turn everything upside down and inside out.

You want to put a man on the moon? Sure thing! But what’s his next destination? What’ll he have for dinner? What if he is actually a she?

We plan to shake up everything you think you know about your target groups, channels, data, and more, just to see what else falls out. What do you need to do? Let go of the brief, and take our hand instead.

We dream. We discover. We develop. We design. And we do. Time is of the essence. So we cross-check our good ol’ intuition and gut feelings

with facts and insights throughout the whole process.

We also promise that our end products will never be finished. Instead, we will deliver experiments. Experiments that we will test and try, measure and check, adapt and adjust, then test and try again.

All these data-driven iterations may sound geeky and boring, but we think they’re exciting. Information fuels our curiosity, allowing us to monitor and maneuver until we know we are headed in just the right direction.


Bringing out the best in people.

We operate as a cloud agency. That enables us to work with the best people, to bring out the best in people. We share the same eagerness, but bring our own experience and expertise.

Let’s pledge that their past performance is a guarantee of future results. Such as their work on projects for <name-dropping alert> ANP, ANWB, Centraal Beheer, CliniClowns, CLM, Diabetes Fonds, FBTO, Greenchoice, Greenpeacegro-up, IKEA, KRO-NCRV, Natuur & Milieu, NPO Radio 2, NSStichting Onderwijsgeschillen, OV-chipkaart, Rabobank, Terre des Hommes, VeiligheidNL, Voedingscentrum, Volkswagen and Zilveren Kruis.

In our cloud, we merge disciplines to enrich our ideas and increase impact. You are more than welcome to get on board – no reservation necessary.

Curiosity Lab is part of Causatives. An international network of like-minded people who believe that change comes from doing rather than talking.



Our curiosity stretches over a variety of disciplines. We bundled them into three major ingredients:

Brand Strategy, Brand Purpose, Brand Narrative, Trend Strategy, Brand APK, Data & Research

Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Copy & Content, Illustration, Websites & Apps

Campaigns & Activation, Social Media & Storytelling, Branded Podcasts, Photo, Video & Animation, PR Support & Impact

We love to bring them alive with strategy, design, innovation and communication to make your brand appealing and heard.


Our curiosity stretches over a variety of disciplines. We bundled them into three major ingredients – branding, designing, campaigning – and love to bring them alive with strategy, design, innovation,  communication and activation to make your brand appealing and heard.


Brand Strategy

Brand Purpose

Innovation Strategy

Trend Strategy

Brand APK & Research



Visual Identity



Graphic Design






Campaigns & Activation

Social Media & Storytelling 

Content & Podcasts

Photo, Video & Animation

PR Support & Impact

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Call or email us if you are ready to take a deep dive.